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admin / July 26, 2018
IELTS Writing Tips

Confusions about questions in IELTS

At British Academy, we deal many of the questions and confusions regarding writing section. Actually, we agree that the writing section of IELTS is confusing in the terms of questions and it’s structure of answering too. Many of the students say that there are four types of essays, some says there are two, some of them say there are many, in fact, these are all true and false at the same time because there is a confusion to understand that which type of question is open and close in the combination of other things, so different students say different things about the writing section.

The essential objective of Writing in the IELTS is to assess regardless of whether you can make a reasonable and persuading contention identified with a particular subject topic. This kind of exposition is known as an enticing article on the grounds that you will probably induce the reader of your opinion. Furthermore, this article is best composed in the main individual voice – the subjective voice of the author – utilizing “I, me, me, and myself” in sentences; particularly cases in body sections.

IELTS Writing Techniques

Best Approaches to crack IELTS writing section at British Academy

Experts at Madhavi’s British Academy, Ahmedabad teaches that you should prepare your own approaches, however, the best approach to make certain about the principal individual voice is essential to focus on the piece of the inquiries which states, “utilize your own particular information and cases to help your conclusion”. The proposition, typically the last sentence of the presentation ought to demonstrate first individual voice and style, example- I trust that physical exercise ought to be compulsory in state-funded schools keeping in mind the end goal to profit and wellbeing of children. This thesis demonstrates a conclusion and an individual voice. For whatever length of time that you recognize what a first individual persuasive essay should read like you are going right.

If you are also preparing for IELTS, make your writing very strong as well as your ability of differentiation in types of questions so that you could avoid confusion and perform better in the writing section. At British Academy, we work closely to finish confusions and improve clarity about the writing section.  If you are also searching for a perfect option to improve your writing skills and your goal is IELTS, you may contact us British Academy at Satellite, Maninagar, Gurukul, C.G.Road and Nava Vadaj.

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