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Madhavi's British Academy / December 16, 2019
ielts coaching in Ahmedabad

At Madhavi’s British Academy, students fulfilled their dreams by achieving success in the IELTS. To achieve this feat, our educators create courses and schedule sessions in a way that matches the individual requirements of the students. An introduction test is first conducted by IELTS educators at Madhavi’s British Academy to assess students’ strengths and weaknesses. The instructors then drew an individual study plan.

Being one of the best IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad, we add various beneficial strategies for IELTS coaching such as mock tests, well-organized time management, problem solving and strategy sessions to suggest our students with the best IELTS preparation. This is the way to advance our vision for the IELTS coaching in Satellite, C G Road, Maninagar, Memnagar, New Vadaj, Science City, Nikol, Ahmedabad, Vallabh Vidhyanagar.

More than 1.5 million applicants crack exam each year to apply for overseas education, immigration and employment. The IELTS test is renowned by 6,000 institutions in 135 countries. It is held four times a month, in over 500 international centres. It is one of the most conventional forms of international testing. This makes it significant for involved people to plan a planned preparation before taking IELTS.

4 forms of skills for the English language

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • speaking

Of all these, the speaking test is a face-to-face interview with an authorized examiner.

Why is the best IELTS coaching at Madhavi’s British Academy, Satellite, Ahmedabad?

Madhavi’s British Academy | No.1 IELTS Coaching Institute Ahmedabad

Madhavi’s British Academy | No.1 IELTS Coaching Institute Ahmedabad

For inquiries join free demo lecture for IELTS at Madhavi’s British Academy by filling in the form at

A conference results in the personal guidance of the IELTS coaching classes, where intensive and focused classroom teaching is provided by our CELTA qualified faculty.

Sections of All IELTS – We are covered by each module of the class session. Also, we provide students recent study material as per the IELTS latest exam format. We can personally concentration each student according to their problem in IELTS different modules.

We offer adequate listening practice from previous IELTS tests. Therefore, we make sure precise practice in chasing high scores. We provide students with feedback on their errors and share strategies to increase IELTS scores.

The practice of IELTS Speaking using IELTS test questions from previous IELTS exams has received extensive attention. Parallel to this, we practice candidates for reading, writing and listening.

Study material, including sample papers of previous IELTS tests along with CDs, are included in the course fee.

Instructors at Madhavi’s British Academy are not only training IELTS but also mentoring and guiding students to achieve their desired high band in the IELTS exam.

To provide our students with the true knowledge of an IELTS exam, mock tests are often conducted for students such as the live IELTS exam.

The complete library is available for language creation. Our instructors create a complete learning atmosphere for their students, which prepares them best and gives them the self-confidence they need.

We also offer weekend classes for IELTS for the convenience of those who are working days of the week.

Our communications is very convenient for IELTS students and provide them a great and comfortable environment for IELTS coaching classes in Satellite. Madhavi’s British Academy is top-rated IELTS coaching classes in Satellite, Ahmedabad. For more info contact to our academy anytime – 9825074969.

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