Best Powerful effective tips for passing the IELTS test

Madhavi's British Academy / December 14, 2020
Best Powerful effective tips for passing the IELTS test

3 Best Tips for Passing the IELTS

1. Read the instructions carefully

This may sound simple, but it is more powerful than you think. Leaving writing assignment issues or writing fewer words than instructed will lower your IELTS score. This common IETLS error can be very costly. However, you can take steps to prevent this from happening. Read the instructions carefully and re-read them if necessary. Also, during the writing section, take a look at the suggestions to make sure you are addressing the topic (s) correctly.

2. Practice in a test-like environment

Studying IELTS exercises can be very beneficial in a test-like situation. For example, the IELTS test is a challenging time. Many test-takers feel that there is too much pressure during the test and not enough time. Practising at a relaxed pace can be the result. Here are some steps you can take when preparing for the test:

  • Use a stopwatch/timer while practising and studying.
  • Study for testing in a quiet environment
  • Take your preparation time seriously. Try to stick with a schedule and approach with a mindset that you are committed to focusing on your preparation time.

3. Have faith

Be confident when exam day comes. You will panic. It is normal and expected. However, feeling extremely anxious can be devastating and very distracting. During the test, you need to be able to focus on the subject at hand. If you have negative or anxious thoughts, this will be difficult to do. If you prepare yourself well before the day of the test, you should be confident that you will succeed. Here are some quick tips to boost your confidence on test day:

  • Real breath! If you become very restless, keep calm and take deep breaths.
  • Don’t try to think positive and say negative words (saying: “I’m very worried about this test” won’t help you. In fact, saying repeated and repetitive statements can distract you).
  • Plan the day accordingly. If you want to wake up too early or drive too fast, plan for it. Running around or getting lost is sure and sure ways to feel uncomfortable. If you have adjusted your time and you know where the test centre is, this will make you feel more comfortable.

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