Canada a Golden place for International Students

Madhavi's British Academy / June 18, 2019
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If I ask an Indian which foreign country he would like to study; one of the answers will be Canada which is a preferable choice for study as it is a peaceful and wealthy country. Canada is becoming popular among international students because of its educational system. This country is famous for its natural beauty and well-known universities which attracts lakhs of students from all over the world. Canada is a safe zone and politically stable; this point also makes it a preferable choice.

Canada consists of a dedicated education system with a better economic climate; here are some convincible answers for your endless questions.

Top Reasons why you should Study in Canada:-

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High-Quality Education

Canada holds its place as one of the top levels in the world.  Canadian –Degrees are accepted and approved in the whole world. To maintain high-quality standards, institutions keep reviewing institutions timely and before granting membership; colleges or institutions have to fulfill membership standards.

World-class Educational Institutes

Universities in Canada are internationally recognized, affordable and fulfill a variety of educational needs of local and international students. According to QS World University Ranking, 26 Canadian Universities feature among the world’s best universities. It includes three top universities in the country in the top 50 worldwide.

Employment Rate

For employment, Canada surely is proved a golden place; it is good to know that the country’s universities boast links to more than 5000 global collaboration agreements. Canada focuses on industry-specific applied research; it is the reason that 90% of Canadians graduates get employed within the six months of completion of their degree.

Affordable Education Cost

Education cost in a country is an essential part of the study abroad decision. Cost of Education in Canada is less expensive if compared to other countries as the U.S.A or Australia. All institutions in Canada receive government funding; which ensures a lower tuition fee and high academic standards.

Easy Student Visa

Student Visa Process is fairly simple for Canada; the Student Partnership Program has made the visa application process easy and fast for Indian students who want to go for study in Canada.

Language Flexibility in Canada

Majority of courses are available in English in Canada and students are free to adopt between English and French. There are also various language courses available; which give international students an opportunity to learn foreign languages and enhance their profile.

The best place to live

Canada fulfills all the factors as education standard, literacy percentage, safety, stability etc. Students can get music, art, theater and food at almost every place; it can be said surely; that Canada is a peaceful and politically stable country for International students.

At British Academy, IELTS classes in Satellite, we are the witness that in last many years; uncountable students have chosen Canada for their study or work because of personal choice, relatives in Canada or easy visa process. Canada is a preferable choice to work and study, as there is no problem with religion or caste and provides a higher rate of employment.  Join us at Satellite, Ahmedabad for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and Spoken English and find your Career in Canada with our error less coaching and guidance.


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