How to Prepare for IELTS Exam in One Month and Get a Desired Bands?

Madhavi's British Academy / November 23, 2020

The aim of Madhavi British Academy is to give you the desired band, but the question is how much do you want? To get an average band with 8 bands, you need to get proper supervision.

If you have guidance then the IELTS test is the month of training to get the desired bands. Your desired band is probably for 6 to 9 bands, but IELTS Educational and General requires an important level of knowledge in English.

  • This includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening parts in IELTS. One month of IELTS training needs endless mock tests under a certified instructor from a great IELTS Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad.
  • You will know the IELTS test design well if you take constant exams. This involves analyzing your answers and getting daily feedback regarding those exams. You can find the Best IELTS Coaching Institute in Ahmedabad.
  • Even then it almost depends on the point or position you are starting and the IELTS you are taking. If you are a non-academic ILTS if you are taking the test, it will be a little easier to take the test. There is a tip that hardly anyone will give.
  • You have to go beyond your comfort zone to get a four-month result in a month.

=>> First of all, it is best to think, speak, and communicate with everyone in English only. Avoid any language other than English during your one month of IELTS preparation. During your free time, you should only watch English movies and documentaries and shows, etc.

=>> Second, you must know the IELTS test from top to bottom. Familiarize yourself with the exam as much as desirable. It will be best if you know or have confirmed the time management method for each department. You must describe how they manage it, how the answers are. To get the desired bands in the IELTS test, you must make assured that you know all the rules and regulations.

  • To get the desired bands in the IELTS test, in listening practice, use content from YouTube. But never try to practice from YouTube, ask your trainer to lead you. Practice at least twice a day and make it a habit. This will help to speed up the process and find the flaws in you. It will ensure that you come in contact with it throughout.
  • I got a score of 9 in listening and that is left for my daily practice. Make sure you focus on the day of the exam. Also, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with different accents such as British, American, Canadian, and Australian Australian Australian Australian. Do this by listening to discussions, etc. in the relevant pronunciation.
  • To read, you should study as many modules as possible. All you need is practice. The difficulties are increasing with each passage but it is not rocket science. Don’t underestimate your skills and give yourself the least practice. Giving yourself less practice will get you down. You need proper guidance to study from the best IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad. People who are not very comfortable in English read novels, newspapers, etc. in English. There are many people on YouTube who offer various tips for IELTS in sections like reading as well as listening.

1. Writing skills v / s reading skills

Don’t focus too much on reading if you’re just capable enough to read and understand well. Maybe, you need IELTS writing skills. Perhaps, you are not good at presenting your ideas in written English. If so, this is the time to focus on improving your writing skills. Just write your thoughts on some selected topics that are more related to IELTS reading and writing. You can search online to get acquainted with the types of topics you can get in the test. For both versions of the test, the functions would be different so it would be important to focus more on the topics related to the version you are taking.

But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay more attention to reading skills. No, it’s not. It is enough if you are competent enough to understand or comprehend the meaning of what you have read. This will work for you in your exam because the task will be just that. You will read and understand well to answer the given questions.

 2. Learning Grammar

It would be good to focus on learning grammar but at the same time, you should not spend more of your time on complex compositions. It would be bad to buy a load of grammar books and try to improve the language on one’s own. On the contrary, learners can focus on some practical ways of teaching and improve their language.

3. Improve Listening and Speaking Skills

Watch some English videos to improve your listening and speaking skills. English movies will help you to become more familiar with different speaking styles or accents. You can listen carefully and focus more on using the same kind of language at the same time. But, here, remember, copying is not a good thing.

4. Training Online Study / Training Online Registration

Well, to become more familiar with IELTS, you have to focus on taking EL online IELTS training. Yes, this will help you do anything. You can take practice tests in all four modules such as writing, speaking, listening, and reading. Every test you take (reading and listening tests) will be evaluated and scored. You can expect to get a band score only after completing the online test. This will help you understand how difficult it is to get the score you need. Moreover, to write tests, you take the test online. You will take the exam according to your general or academic module. And you should submit answers. Trainers will evaluate your answers and give you feedback to improve your writing skills. Similarly, to speak the test, your teacher will arrange an online speaking session for you, during which you will be interviewed by a trained IELTS specialist who will ask you questions according to the format of the IELTS speaking test and you need to answer. The test will be evaluated based on the set parameters. Scores will be provided as required.

5. Collect all related content:

It is a fact that a large number of materials are available for IELTS testing. It is very important to find the right source that gives you the right material to meet the standards of the IELTS exam like Worldfengligishexam. Moreover, in order to obtain accurate information, candidates must understand that not all sources for this are reliable.

6. Remember that Getting the Strategy Right is Key:

This should be an issue you hear frequently. It cannot be denied, as the strategic approach certainly yields the best results. For the preparation of IELTS, a study plan that you can easily use in your main test. For instance, if the correct way of filling blanks is learned, then you can easily accept that technique in both listening and reading tests. This relieves your stress but also helps you gain confidence and control over the test.

7. The Study Accomplishes:

Make it a point to practice every day with the right assessment. While some test takers do self-assessments, many will choose to get an expert to evaluate their performance. Continuous improvement in overall performance is possible only if practiced regularly. Correct mistakes and identify your weak areas. Work on such areas and do extensive study so that you can easily master those questions. Never give up if your initial efforts do not give you accurate results. Take it as an opportunity to approach the question differently. Remember to practice from the previous papers of Cambridge and then go for other papers.

8. Time Management Skills:

Often, students face a major problem in managing time. They complain that either they cannot complete the whole paper in a limited time or they run and mark the wrong answer. Both of these methods are incorrect. Test takers should work overtime. For example, set an alarm clock on your mobile phone and check if you can answer all the questions in time. At first, it may seem difficult, but don’t worry, you will adapt to it with time and dedicated practice.

9. Avoid Memorizing Vocabulary or Phrases:

It is unbelievable that IELTS awards band scores based on a wide range of exams, vocabulary, and the wide range and accuracy used by the student. Therefore, few students compile a long list of vocabulary and often memorize it. But, if these words are used improperly, it seriously harms the whole meaning of the essay or any work on the test. So, never do that. Learn vocabulary in context by referring to a dictionary instead of a dictionary. Prepare a word card by writing a new-learn word on one side and a meaning and example line on the flip side. This serves to study and memorize the word properly.

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