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Madhavi's British Academy / July 6, 2018

Pronunciation and Accent: Myths and Facts

Pronunciation is very important to get a good score in IELTS, but the right pronunciation is taken wrong by students many times. IELTS test takers observe this fact quickly that the listening section is mainly having a British accent. So it is important to understand the difference between ‘accent ‘and ‘pronunciation’.

An accent is an articulation that normally finds common with native speakers of a particular place such as a British accent or North American accent.

Pronunciation is the articulation of a single individual when verbalizing a particular word in a language.

All individuals speak English in a certain accent and pronunciation, so it is needed to decide how good your pronunciations need to be changed for IELTS?

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Many of the students ask questions to us about accent and its importance in the examination, Here are some tips:-

IELTS exams are conducted and marked around the world. Generally, an accent of examiner and marker is the same as where the test is being administered. For example, if a candidate is having a test in western Canada, then the accent of an examiner who is asking the questions and the one who is marking the answers might be born in Canada, grew up in western Canada, or has an N. American west coast English Accent. So, it becomes very easy to mark and evaluate test-takers who learned English in their region. However, this is not an option available all the time, because the test is not happening in English speaking country or if the test taker came from a different English speaking region then what can be done?

Many IELTS candidates ask what pronunciation is needed to get a high score for natural diction.  Experts answer this question as “Accent should be most similar to the English spoken in the region of the test taker. Most of the English speakers are agree that the easiest accent is well coast and east coast N. American English, after that N. American English, New Zealand and most people even other native English speakers find British English, Mid-south N. American English and Australian English a little bit tough to understand sometimes because of accent. Just remember the best way to be sure that you have the right pronunciation for the test is to practice and no need to shy. You should copy the native speaker accent as close as possible, no matter how funny is it? It is possible that sound seems strange in starting but because it is fine for the native speaker, keep continue.

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