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Although there is lots of information available online and offline about IELTS, still there is need to guide students.  Every year thousands of students give IELTS examination and try to find some help regarding the examination.  If you are trying to crack IELTS, you may get some help with following tips, you may get a better understanding to attempt IELTS, reading, listening and other test and some idea about the planning of study time.

Here are the following tips:-

 Tip 1:- IELTS structure can be proved as your advantage:-

When you finish IELTS listening test at the end of section 1, do not bother about checking your answers, you should go straight to questions of section 2 and start reading them.  You will have sufficient time to check your answers toward the end since you will have ten minutes to complete your answers. Comprehend the test structure and adapt a strategic approach that how you utilize your available times to get a higher score.

Tip 2:- Adapt right order technique:-

At the time of the IELTS reading test, many individuals complain about shortness of time, actually, it is a problem of time management. You may change the order of attempt to save time in reading tests, many of the people who gave the IELTS examination said that matching headings consumes their long time, but you may save time, by choosing paragraph order. Do it paragraph by paragraph. Do not adapt the order of headings.  Just go to paragraph 1, observe the list of headings, pick a suitable paragraph.

Next, do the same with paragraph 2. By choosing this method, you would not read a paragraph more than one time. You would save time, by the’reading less’ technique.


Tip 3:- Work on your weakness and strengths:-

Every candidate of IELTS is different.  You only can observe where you are lacking with the preparation of examination.  You should try to do a practice test at home under real examination conditions.  You should do your listening test without stopping the recording and should prepare yourself within real exam conditions.  You should prepare yourself doing a listening test without stopping recording in the listening test and complete the reading test within 60 minutes.  You should definitely observe and improve that part where you stuck. Do not just carry forward on the practice tests and repeating the mistakes.  Once you confirm your weakness, you should build the right strategies to cover them cleverly.

By observing plus and minus points an individual can get a high score in IELTS, there is a need only for one thing, honest observation of weakness and improvement of those.

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