IELTS Writing Tips – 2

Madhavi's British Academy / August 3, 2018

The following point to focus on is whether the question is open or closed. Just, open finished inquiries are those which can have numerous answers like, “What did you do today?” versus closed-ended questions like “Do you like to drive the car or have your bike?”- These questions constrain you to pick among just a couple of choices.

In IELTS questions are generally closed questions since they are not very difficult to answer and mark, but in any case, be watchful, around one from five is open-ended questions like, “What is essential for work satisfaction ?” or “How have computers changed job scenario?” try to choose rapidly. On the off chance if the question is an open question, consider there will be two or three points, which will be body paragraphs.

For instance: A great compensation, schedule, and atmosphere are critical for job satisfaction. On the off chance if the question is a closed question and does not solicit you to talk about the two sides of the point or argument, but stick to the other agree with two in number focuses, as  I like to ride my bicycle to class since it is useful for my wellbeing and environment. At that point, form these focuses into solid body sections. Regardless of whether the question is closed or open, make a point to have a reasonable assessment.

At British Academy, by and large, we take after those techniques which work best as:-

  1. You should also emphasize that particular side you believe in more at the introduction and a conclusion.
  2. This is quite clear that you need to write about both sides of the debate, end with a side you believe in more, means leave your reader with that idea you support.
  3. Understand question well, if a question does not ask you to explain both sides then stick to just one with two or three strong supporting points.
  4. Based on the answers you may formulate the right thesis with good grammar structure and begin to write, just follow one rule! STAY ON TOPIC AND GIVE GOOD EXAMPLES!!

If you are also preparing for IELTS, make your writing very strong with the observation answering styles. At British Academy – Madhavi Khandwala, we work closely to finish confusions and improve clarity about the writing section. To make your writing skills better you may join us at British Academy at Satellite, Maninagar, Gurukul, C.G.Road and Nava Vadej.

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