Information on IELTS Speaking Band Descriptors

Madhavi's British Academy / April 9, 2019
IELTS Band Descriptiors

If you want to get more scoring information related to speaking and writing section then it is mandatory to know about IELTS band descriptors.  IELTS band descriptors will help you to get ready for the speaking test, at British Academy IELTS coaching in Satellite we understand this thing very well. Through following lines you could increase your knowledge about speaking band descriptors:-

What are the SPEAKING BAND DESCRIPTORS and why it is important

The band descriptors for speaking test falls in four categories for both IELTS test; Academic and General training.

These four categories of speaking band descriptors are:-

  • Fluency and coherence
  • Lexical resource
  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Pronunciation clarity

Your IELTS speaking examiner will use these descriptors so that he could evaluate your speaking score. He will consider the descriptors and then assign a band score for each descriptor and as everyone knows band score range is from 0 to 9.

Let’s discuss in detail about descriptors and their usage to evaluate your speaking skills:-

  • Fluency and coherence

Some essential things closely related to descriptor:-

Fluency: – Your examiner will notice your fluency as how much you speak and how your words, ideas flow together and how much you hesitate, self-correct and repeat.

Natural tongue and flow: – It is also important that how natural you sound, it includes vocabulary and how you connect the words together. It is suggested to take some time and notice how to use connective words.  You should wisely choose those appropriate words which will help you to connect and organize your ideas and move further in your speaking section.

  • Lexical resource

In this descriptor, your examiner will notice the following:-

Word usage: – Your examiner will judge you on your word usage, your words should be understandable, appropriate and on the topic.

Paraphrasing, idiomatic language and a less common language: –  Usage of paraphrasing, idiomatic and less common words are very important to get a higher level band,  using a polished language is not an overnight task,  it takes time;  It is advised to study and practice, so you could understand the proper usage.

  • Grammatical accuracy

It includes two variations

Sentence structure:- You should maintain the structure of sentences;  it is advisable to use a mix of simple and complex sentences.

The number of errors:- When you speak you should use a good number of error-free sentences

  • Pronunciation Clarity

Your examiner will notice that how you understand and how you are clear and correct with the pronunciation of the words. Do not change your accent; you need to speak clearly and correctly. You should not dig the details; precise words are appreciable.

At British Academy, Satellite Ahmedabad we teach our students how they can speak well and get good band score, every year our students get good speaking band scores and IELTS selections.  We are not by chance best IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad; we researched and developed specific techniques which help to our students learning better and faster.

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