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Madhavi's British Academy / August 23, 2018
Success Strategies

At British Academy, we welcome feedback from our students, It helps us improve our IELTS material and way of teaching. We like to understand that what students want and need, it helps us realize what many students do not understand about studying and learning IELTS. Let’s us discuss some common problem and the solutions.

There is a saying in English “Giving a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach men to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Many students want their teacher to feed them fish, but at British Academy we understand this thing well that this is not the right path to success, When we prepare our students IELTS, we teach our students that “how to fish” we teach skills as what they read, what they hear, what they say and what they write.

‘How to Fish’ learning AT BRITISH ACADEMY

In “Key Strategies” section of our IELTS Course, we teach three main skills to analyze the questions found on IELTS. Skills to visualize, paraphrase and think critically is key to IELTS success. When an IELTS candidate finds a reading passage difficult or an essay difficult to write, these are the skills which will help you understand the task and help you succeed.

Some of the students have a desire for instant success. Learning and achieving IELTS success is a long process. Watching a few videos is not enough for IELTS success. You must engage critically with the learning process, you must ask “what, why, how”?  All questions of critical thinking. Learning IELTS skills is like constructing a building, a strong base only attracts a strong building,  if there will be a weak base the building will fall. The best way for success in IELTS is to develop the strong base of English and IELTS skills then build up with strategies, tips, tricks, and vocabulary.

At British Academy we do not just teach for the sack of teaching, we built a strong base for our student’s selection. To learn and increase skills, strategies, and vocabulary you may join British Academy, join us at IELTS Coaching in Satellite, Maninagar, C G Road, Gurukul and Nava Vadaj.

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