Madhavi's British Academy / December 2, 2020

So, you are preparing computer-delivered IELTS (CD IELTS). In this short post, I will cover three main areas: basic information about CD IELTS; How CD IELTS differs from paper-based IELTS; And, most importantly, where you can get a free computer-based IELTS test for study. (Scroll down to Section 3 for that.)

1. Computer Distributed IELTS: Do You Know the Basics?

The British Council states that the CD IELTS Paper-based IELTS The test is the same, but instead of writing your answers on paper, you write them on a computer. IELTS will meet face to face with the examiner.”

2. A Guide To How is it different from paper-based IELTS?

For example, in paper-based IELTS leasing, you are finally given 10 minutes to transfer the notes you created as DO to the answer paper. CD IELTS Plus you write your answers directly on the screen as you proceed, so there is no need or time to move it late.

However, the main difference is that you are working in a different medium: screen instead of paper. You did all your school exams on paper, and that’s your habit, so the change will inevitably be stressful unless you prepare properly. It is almost certain that you will perform better if you put in the right kind of practice already.

3. Learn To (Do) How can you study computer-delivered IELTS?

Start by answering these questions:
How do you move from one question to another in a reading exam?
Can you create notes on the screen? How did you do that
Does the writing test have a cut and paste function?
The very best way to find answers to these and other questions is to work through a computer-based IELTS practice test. The British Council’s official facial IELTS preparation program, Road to IELTS, is a set of computer-administered IELTS practice tests. Click on the free version and work through the tests until you are comfortable with all the tasks.

If you have never tried a computer-distributed IELTS practice test, I urge you to get started now. learn more visit best IELTS coaching classes in Ahmedabad

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