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Speaking Tricks for IELTS-1

Madhavi's British Academy / August 11, 2018

Speaking is the most crucial confidence checking section in IELTS Examination. Speaking test could be a nightmare for you because you just cannot answer simply what has been asked? In simple words, you need fluency, confidence and correct way of answer approach, and then nobody could stop you by achieving band 9 in this section.

Let’s us not simplify the problem but try to find the perfect approach for band 9 in the speaking section. Many of students at Madhavi’s British Academy ask us what a perfect answer according to the examiner is. Here are some tricks:-

  • Be relevant: – When answering a question, wait for some seconds and align your thoughts, if the question concerns about “which sport do you like”? It seems quite fine to end up talking about your favorite sports player.
  • Be specific for facts: – Never give just an answer and when answering a question, do not try to impress examiner by giving prepared information, For example: – “Does your family have a dog”? Either Answer should be “Yes, we have a dog, we call him Charlie” or “No, we never had a dog, no one is really fond of pets in my family”. These answers can be counted in the list of a specific answer.
  • Single words don’t cut it: – Sometimes, you may be asked a question when the answer could be a single word. In such cases, you may use the question as a reference to complete or extend the answer. As: – Do your entire family member live together? Answer with Yes/No, all my family members do/do not live together’ instead of just ‘No’.

Section Exploration

Section-1 – Stick to fast, honest answer, try not to give one-word answers! This section is easy and is more like a chat with the examiner. Take this section like a conversation and try to be simple in answering direct questions.

Section 2 Use one minute to make notes, speak at length, do not repeat! It is cue card based and you are judged for speaking at length. You need to speak an average of at least two minutes. You may be asked to describe current issues or experiences in detail. How to approach a cue card question? Basic trick to deal with cue card question is to break down main questions into several little questions and keyword. For example: If you are asked about your favorite vacation, to be able to speak for 2 minutes or more on this cue card, you should break down further like this:

  1. Where did you take this vacation: Name of the place?
  2. What type of holiday: Beach, Hill- station, trekking, pilgrimage
  3. Who all went with you?- Friends, Family?

When you get a minute to prepare your answer, breaking the question down and note keywords, which give you enough material so that you could develop a rich and long answer.

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