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Speaking Tricks for IELTS-2

Madhavi's British Academy / August 20, 2018

Section Exploration continues….

Section 3

Open-up with your opinion, support with an argument

Take this section as a continuation of the previous section, as generally you are asked questions which demand deeper exploration of the section second:-

For example, if the last section is about your advertisement to date, the third section may be about your opinion regarding today’s scenario.

Some tips for a good answer:-

In this section, you are expected to mention an opinion regarding the subject matter, positive or negative. Make two sections of your answer:-

  • Your opinion
  • The reason or argument supporting your opinion.

You may answer like onHow is the tourism industry in your country? I think tourism is not well developed in India, with the mixture of vast geography, cultural diversity, and geographical variety, India should be the tourism capital of the world, but if we leave Goa and Rajasthan, not many places have great infrastructure to attract tourists.

Points to keep in mind:-

Do not try to be right, take a stand and support it. Do not tense about how good or bad your opinions are, you are not going to be judged on your character or thoughts.

Practice opening lines: – Have a strong opinion when you answer an opinion based question as:-

  • I am of the opinion that
  • My experience with this matter has been
  • In my experience
  • According to my knowledge
  • I have a negative/positive view on this subject

Listing vocabulary

  • I agree/ disagree for 3 reasons or for the following reasons
  • Firstly, secondly, thirdly and so on…
  • My opinion is based on the following reasons
  • There are 4 reasons to support this argument

Concluding Vocabulary

  • All in all, this is what I believe
  • In conclusion, I would like to
  • In the end, I think
  • I would like to end/conclude by saying…

Genre-specific words

  • Hometown- Big/Small city, city center, outskirts, famous for, history, British era
  • Interests and hobbies: – Find of, passionate about, great interest, would love to
  • Travel and vacation:- Itinerary, lodging, and boarding, sightseeing, good food
  • Education
  • Art
  • Music

For better results Try following tricks also:-

  • Mock practice with a friend
  • Find online tests and practice as much as you can, on different topics
  • Prepare your vocabulary around each topic: as when you talking about train trip your vocabulary may include station, bogey, rail tickets, arrival etc.
  • Record yourself: Judge you own as pronunciation, a tone of voice, fluidity, and mistakes you usually do.
  • Practiced confidence: – You may not be very fluent, but having confidence is always a bonus, it can trick the examiner that you are comfortable with English.

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