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What should I do after school?

Madhavi's British Academy / March 9, 2019
What should I do after schools

So; everyone is asking what are you going to do after 12th?  Yes, good things get over very soon, so your school too. Before you finish school one question sticks to mind “what should I do after school”?

People usually call this phase “Entrance in the real world”. This is not like only one or two person faces this phase; everyone faces this painful but exciting period before their career journey.

Many questions are there!!

As ever your school officially ends you are going to be darted with the questions as what are you going to do? What are you planning? Are you going out of town etc and here you cannot escape you need to face it.

When it comes to choosing a subject, today, Indian students are in a better position than earlier times, when someone has no choice than to follow the path of previous generations. Now the times have changed that education has widened its spectrum by offering new courses and subject areas with exciting job opportunities.

Answers you may be looking for

Students have got many new doors because of Globalization, not only in India but all over the world. The top universities globally are now catching up with international students like you, are searching for an answer for what to do after school?

The increasing number

Do you like to know how many Indian students going abroad for higher education?

This percentage has been increased from 12% to 17.8% in 2014-2015.  According to data, there has been a 256% rise in Indian students; who went abroad in the last decade. The abroad study has emerged as a good option after school because of many benefits.

What are the advantages or benefits?

Big laboratories, field trips, access to rich reading sources and excellent exposure to teaching staff, rich in experience and methodology are some of the advantages:-

Some other points which also cannot be ignored

Landing overseas is a dream come true experience which is an unforgettable memory in itself. The second best thing you will experience that there are diversity, new culture, and language which will help to develop you personally. Higher studies in world ranking Universities increase your chances of better job opportunities with top employers of the world; simultaneously you will be enriched with Global outlook of study and work-related information.

Hope, you are clear why you should choose to study overseas?

If you are trying to search or confuse about universities or colleges, we may assist you in this decision.

Madhavi’s British Academy is best IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad and we provide appropriate counseling to our students so that they come out of confusion and can take the right decision.

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