10 Secrets You Should Know Before You Take the PTE Exam

Madhavi's British Academy / November 27, 2020

1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep
It sounds obvious, but it repeats itself. What you don’t know at 8 pm before PTE you won’t know the next morning. Break out of your preparations before dinner and then try to relax. Early night, either would not be a bad idea. Waking up refreshed on a PTE test-day can make all the difference in the world.

2. A Little Discomfort can be a Good Thing
Somewhere or other the blind panic that catches most people on the day of the test, and gives extreme relief, “Yes, whatever!” The attitude of a small minority is ideal, the temperament of a PTE test-day candidate: a little nervous, clear-headed and well-prepared. That means you are less likely to be happy on Test-day or make stupid mistakes.

3. Beware of your Weaknesses and play to your Strengths

If you don’t understand everything you’ve heard in retail lectures or talks about summarizing spoken text, try not to worry about the 20% you get confused. Instead, focus on what you understand 80%. You will have plenty of stuff to pull off. And when you prepare your essay or summarize the written text, showcase your writing talent by properly using commonly used attachments rather than pushing into words you never use. ‘Cause’, ‘and’, ‘like’ and ‘even’ may not shine, but it still serves a useful purpose.

4. PTE is not IELTS
This may be a little obvious, perhaps, but it is very common for candidates to start preparing for PTE after failing to achieve the desired score on IELTS Coaching. This is quite understandable, but don’t go for a PTE test day thinking you are considering a ‘high tech version of ILTS’. It’s not clear. Familiarize yourself with the format of the tests, how long you will have to do each section and the standards that will be used to grade you. Speaking of which, unlike IELTS, PTE doesn’t use old-fashioned pencil and paper, so remember.

5. Check your Microphone
From time to time we hear complaints from E2 speaking candidates who have taken their PTE and failed to speak. They make sure the microphone does not record them properly. If you have any doubts on the day of the test, put your hand up immediately and complain to the invigilator.

Also, understand this: Pearson makes it clear that it is almost impossible to review your score. In fact, if you are willing to pay for it, it is quite easy to challenge your PTE score, but you are disappointed in doing so. We have thousands of past and present customers and we can say that the number of people successfully challenging their PTE results can be counted on one side.

6. Look at the Clock
We try very hard to tell you how important it is to respect the clock when describing the image or referring to lectures. Most of you know this by heart. A lot of marks have been lost by candidates in other parts of the PTE who are stuck in a detailed analysis of the texts that will end up eating in their overall time allocation for that section. You can’t ‘borrow’ time from one part of the test and add it to another part, so keep your temptation about you! Don’t overdo it with the stress of PTE test-day!
Knowing how much time you have makes a big difference, question-by-question and section by section.

7. You are Writing on the Computer: take Full Advantage!
Old-fashioned pencil & paper tests are a challenge. (Really who writes on paper now ?!) PTE has been done on all computers, which should make the people among you happy who write by hand – really, write in general – a struggle.

If you usually spend a lot of time writing your introduction, maybe start with the second paragraph of your essay. You need to come up with a 30-35 word sentence to summarize the text, but you don’t need to start with A and end with Z. One at a time, start with one original, correct idea and develop it.

8. Headphones are not the best
If you’re skipping your voice and using high-quality sound listening on boss earphones, you’ll give a nasty shock after you sit down for your PTE. There may be dozens of other candidates around you, and their priority is not your verbal comfort. With that said, try to do as much as you can to respect others. Don’t yell at the top of your lungs to drown your neighbours. In addition to being profoundly inconsistent, it will probably distort your recording and bring down your speaking score.

9. Practice Speaking at Home
Diligent PTE  Help for candidates: Practice speaking at home with radio in the background, preferably in your native language. Make sure the volume is reasonably high. It will distract at first, but over time you will learn to empty it and focus on the task at hand.

10. Do not Worry Remember our Methods!
Don’t worry you will reach your goal, you will get the score you want, but don’t give up. For example, you only get weakness in practice, you get anxious and then it affects your performance. So don’t do that first of all make sure you give yourself sufficient time, So you can practice. Once you have learned properly, once you practice enough, then you will have confidence and then you will not have to worry. Even if you have failed to get the score you need in the past, whether it is in IELTS or PTE. This is a new endeavour and a new opportunity and you can suddenly do very well on this. So don’t give up, you’ll get your score what you want, you’ll achieve your goal, it’s just a matter of time. learn more  PTE Coaching Class in Ahmedabad  

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