How to do Self-Study for PTE Academic Exam?

Madhavi's British Academy / December 5, 2020
self-study for PTE academic exam

The PTE exam is a language test that will assess your language ability in an academic environment. Many universities around the world accept the PTE exam and are a mandatory requirement for university admission and visa purposes. Unlike IELTS, it is a computer-based test and scores are evaluated by a software program.

As such, many students prefer to study without taking any coaching classes. However, there is concern among aspirants of PTE as to whether it can be done, it is possible to achieve the desired score without seeking help.

Don’t stress about it. In this section, we will discuss what you need to do if you are a self-learner, or do not have enough time to attend coaching centres.

First, try to understand the type of test and how it is made since it is computer-based. Analysis of understanding scoring will clearly tell you that competent skills are especially important, therefore, find tips on how to improve your competitive skills and what tasks contribute to different competent skills.

Next, do detailed homework on various tasks including time spent, strategies and tips for use and how much it contributes to overall scoring. Once you understand the above criteria, you can take a mock test to self-assess and discover your strengths and weaknesses. Taking a mock test is not only for strengths and weaknesses, but also to understand how important time management is for PTE.

Therefore, while practising this exam you will be able to develop your time management skills as it is the first step to effectively pass the exam.
The second step is teaching strategies and tips for individual tasks and try to use the tips while practising and you will see improvement and confidence improve as soon as you practice. After that, spend more time on heavier tasks because you don’t have to spend as much time on less scoring tasks.

Also, understand your scoring requirement and language skills so you can use your time wisely. Finally, before taking the exam, do a few mock tests to understand your confidence, skills and what needs to be improved.
In addition, mock tests will give you an experience of a real testing environment and therefore, you will be able to overcome difficulties like stress, time management.  learn more PTE Coaching Class in Ahmedabad

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