PTE – Exam pattern changes Rumours and Facts-1

Madhavi's British Academy / September 12, 2018

You might not be aware of regular changes in the Pearson PTE test but it is a matter of concern that this time of the year significant changes have been made. Here we would discuss 2018 PTE updates and answer most vital questions.

You may ask like that what has changed, what are these updates? Why has PTE made this updates? How would these changes affect?

Do not react there are some rumours

Nothing related to the exam pattern, if you listen to any rumours do consider them at all, there are rumours that now there are 4 essays asked. Use some common sense; if 4 essay questions are asked in PTE test then it would have to give you 80 minutes for writing module only, Impractical and big lie!

The truth is there are still 20 task types and the same speaking, writing, reading, listening is the order of modules.

Then what exactly is updated?

PTE has added many new questions to its question bank, quite more chances that you would not see more of the old questions now in upcoming tests.

Do not worry, here are important tips for PTE Preparation:-

Speaking: Read Aloud

The first task in speaking and in fact in PTE test is “Read Aloud”. PTE has added new questions and a few difficult words have started to pop up. Do not be over-surprised if you see much of the difficult words as this task combines speaking and reading.

Practice needs

Start practicing on different kind of academic texts and learn the pronunciation of difficult or longer words. Do not avoid this practice as it will affect your reading score a lot!! Moreover, it is the very first task of PTE, so you need to be confident from start and need to perform well in these questions.

Repeat Sentence

Changes have been noticed in “repeat sentence” task. Since past few months, it is also has been noticed that this section has become tricky. You may notice more scientific/ academic words or terminology. Second noticeable thing is there are lengthier sentences and usually spoken a little faster. For a non-native speaker, this fast speech could be troublesome as the words could be unclear.

So, it will be good if you develop a listening habit where you can listen/ watch to the TED talks, scientific documentaries, scientific channels, BBC documentaries and others. This is also an integrated task which affects scores of speaking with listening. It could an easier task if you prepare well.

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