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PTE – Exam pattern changes Rumours and Facts-2

Madhavi's British Academy / September 19, 2018

Another Rumour You can memorize

Many aspirants try to memorize the sentences as you may see many of the questions repeats every year,  you may mistake on this, many new questions have been added here too.

RE tell lecture

It would be beneficial to pay attention to the audio, because if your content score will be down here, you’re listening score will be suffered too. Listening and speaking section are integrated here; you may find 3-4 questions of this task type. This task contains questions, where you may see image, audio or video.

Describing an image and answering short questions

PTE keeps introducing a few new questions in this task, so we can say that there is nothing unusual about it. But for this type of questions, you need to focus on oral fluency. To answer short questions, you might notice that there are not many changes, you may see image-based questions, video clips or small gif as earlier.


Everyone knows that writing task, have the same set of questions in essays or summaries, but it does not mean that test taker should memorize the answers, it’s stupid but people do.

Summarize written text

If you want a good writing score you need to make “summarize written text “section very strong. It is connected directly with reading obviously, because if you first read the passage then you could write a summary. Questions always keep changing in this section and it can be said here that content has worth.

Write an essay

There are changes in write essay section, it might be correct that 30 new essays have been added. We all know that there were 35-40 essays were already and 30 more essays have been added.

So, if you receive an advice to mug up entire essays, tell them a big no, do not memorize the content, there are many tips which you can use for improving writing skills, rectify your mistakes and recheck your essay.


Again aspirants memorize the answers, in this section. Several new questions have been added. It is a difficulty that people cram the answers; even they can understand the concept well and avoid a risk of failure. You need to understand and practice basics of English language and its usage, you need to decorate your English with vocabulary and grammar, the moment you start good usage and interpretation. You will start getting a context of the question and half the battle would be conquered.

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