PTE – Exam pattern changes Rumours and Facts-3

Madhavi's British Academy / October 8, 2018


Summarize the spoken text

In this module first task type is “Summarize Spoken text” in which new questions addition also have been done. This task has many similarities to summarize the written text.

If you also have the habit of cramming, you might face difficulty because there you are going to face new questions. You might be confused about that how to form correct sentences; all these things will contribute in losing out time and off-course your score. Here you cannot ignore content, it has great importance in this task, if your content is not appropriate, you are going to lose your score and it will lead your less score in listening. Best what you can do is you should take notes attentively to overcome on all these hurdles in between you and your good score.

Write from Dictation

“Write from Dictation” section also have seen new questions, it is good ones that they are considered as little easy. You may feel it same as “Re tell lecture” the audio can be faster than expected with unclear words.

Do not be upset with the super fast speed of audios and unclear words pronunciation, practice these audios well so that you could train your brain with the speed and tone, this task is integrated with writing so, writing scores needs huge attention too.

PTE handles time limit             

After first task Summarize spoken text, you need to deal with a timer in a listening module. After this question, now these days PTE gives just 17-19 minutes for all remain questions.     In a general sequence, after summary task, you will have at least 13-15 questions remaining; it means that you would get 1 minute to answer each question. And if you miss even 1 question of this task type, it indirectly affects your writing score. Yes, it’s challenging but hopefully could be managed, consider the time and the attempts.

Memorizing may affect your performance

People who are used to memorizing questions and answers can go down with their performance. Best tip of PTE examination is that do not  memorize any questions or answers, you need to understand the context of a question, you need to comprehend what task demands of you in the wish to score 90.

PTE and time management learning with British Academy

How heartbreaking it could be when you know the answer but you could not attend that because of the lack of time. At British Academy, we influence time management of the students so that they could answer the maximum of the questions. We advise to analyze your scorecard  if you are repeating for PTE Examination, so we could work together on your time management.

PTE especially it’s- A test is all about time management, we efficiently work on this at British Academy. Get expert tips and guidance for PTE at your nearest British Academy’s branches at Satellite, C G Road, Maninagar, Gurukul and at Nava Vadaj

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