Overview of CELPIP Coaching Classes

CELPIP is known as the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program which evaluates a candidate’s English knowledge and ability. The test analyses the applicant’s English skills in everyday activities such as communicating with friends or colleagues, understanding newscasts, and responding to written emails or texts. The examination consists of listening, speaking, writing, and reading modules that measure the overall performance and fluency of the candidate in the English language. This test is important for candidates who want to migrate overseas or want to opt for citizenship. It shows accurate results as it is a machine-driven test that gives unbiased results. Knowing the exam format, score calculator, and exam dates is vital for every candidate to remain updated with all the rules required in the exam. To achieve the desired scores and results in the exam, get mentor guidance from the experts of the Best CELPIP Coaching in Ahmedabad, where you will get to prepare every part of the test as well as mock tests to make you confident during the exam and get familiar with the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program environment.

Guidance on Type of CELPIP

There are two types of Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program: CELPIP General and CELPIP General IS. In the first type of exam, all the modules are included and this test is eligible for those who want to get permanent residency, employment, or professional designation reasons. This exam can be completed within 3 hours in one go and candidates can opt for a further visa process. On the other hand, the other test consists of only 2 modules, speaking and listening which measure the candidate’s capability in English. Whatever test you opt for, it is necessary to get high bands so that you get a successful visa grant. Achieve your high scores by enrolling yourself in the CELPIP Classes in Ahmedabad our experts are well-experienced in delivering valuable lessons and study materials to students for preparations.

Why CELPIP Classes are important

It is a fully computerised test which makes it easy for candidates to type it and not to carry so many things while appearing for the examination. It also checks the spelling and grammar which eliminates the difficulty of remembering tough spelling words. As it is an English language-based exam, it becomes easy for the candidate to speak fluently when they travel overseas for study or professional work. The speaking test is also computer-based so the candidates do not hesitate while speaking. Moreover, there are many dates available for the exam that gives flexibility to the candidate to appear on the day they are convenient. But it is important to fix the date and enrol for it. Get complete guidance from the experts of CELPIP Coaching Institute and pass the exam in the first go.

How CELPIP Coaching will help you?

Madhvi’s British Academy provides the exam study material for effective practice and preparations along with mock tests every week to make sure that the students get a clear image of the test format and the timings within which they need to complete the modules. Keep your preparations going with the Best professionals at the training centre for CELPIP in Ahmedabad. CELPIP Coaching Classes and their expert faculties will lead you towards achieving your dreams by passing CELPIP Test and getting a visa on the basis of scores. Team of CELPIP Coaching Centre is dedicated towards their commitment and of which the success ratio of high scores is high which motivates us and our students.


Yes, CELPIP is valid for PR. But with that, it is important to score the needed marks in the exam which is 4 or higher then only it is acceptable for PR. If you are planning to opt for PR, firstly get prepared for the CELPIP test and achieve desired results.

Achieve a good score in the CELPIP exam, it requires correct study material, practicing all the modules every day so that you can complete it on time and understanding the topics.

Candidates who are appearing for the test should be at least 16 years of age. There are no limits for giving the test and also candidates from any country can appear for the test. It is also to know the eligibility criteria for the CELPIP scores country-wise. Whatever the desired scores, preparation is necessary. To prepare under expert guidance, make sure you join CELPIP Classes.

Studying overseas in a top university requires a good vocabulary in English as it is the main language used there. To prove to them that you are capable enough in English skills, a CELPIP test is required to show them the results based on which admission is decided. To grab the chance of studying overseas.