What is IELTS?

Ielts is known as the International English Language Testing System which analyses the level of English and skills of every candidate who is planning to study or work in Abroad countries where English is the most preferred language while communicating. It is an indicator of English command proficiency with the help of 4 modules: writing, speaking, listening, and reading. Based on all the modules, a candidate will get to know their English competency and get an idea about the level of the English language. This test is important if you want to do a job or study overseas as it permits you to get into the top university. Get the Ielts class where you will get to know about the preparation strategies for the test with the help of study material provided by our faculties.

IELTS Modules

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How do IELTS help in modules?

Listening Module: This module covers 4 sections and every section has 10 questions. During the exam, a recording is played in which the native speaker will talk about the diverse topics, and based on these questions are asked. A candidate needs to listen to it carefully to answer the fill-in-the-blanks, MCQs, and the flow chart without missing any of them. Get used to listening practice by attending Ielts class that will benefit you in the Ielts Test.

Reading Module: This module consists of a total of 3 sections with around 40 questions equally divided in every section. It is designed to assess your reading skills which include different types of questions such as true/false, MCQs, fill in the blanks, completing the sentence, and giving headings to the paragraph. Every candidate must read the paragraphs with utmost focus to understand the meaning before they put on their opinions and arguments in the answers. Make your reading powerful by understanding the meaning of every sentence by getting everyday practice at Ielts.

Speaking Module: This module has 3 parts for about 11-14 minutes. It analyses your speaking skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, and a few others. In the first part, the candidate has to introduce themselves in front of the examiner. In the second part, a cue card is given in which a topic is written with 3 subtopics on which the candidate has to speak as per their ideas and opinions for about 1-2 minutes. And lastly, in the third part, there will be a discussion between the examiner and candidate on the cue card topic wherein the candidate has to answer the questions asked. Ielts is here to give you effective speaking sessions which will give you confidence while speaking in front of the examiner.

Writing Module: In this module, 2 tasks are included. In the first task, the candidate has to write a summary of minimum150 words in the form of a pie chart, bar graph, or diagram in 20 minutes. Task 2 is about writing an essay of at least 250 words with a time limit of 40 minutes. It is important to link ideas with the connecting words related to the topic. Make your vocabulary and understanding strong in every parameter by enrolling in the classes of Ielts. Ielts coaching will give you a right path to score high marks in the examination for getting an admission at a top university abroad.


Why to opt for IELTS?

Online Ielts classes are the Best option for those who are time bound and cannot make it to the classroom coaching. It is an apt option for those who are working and can watch lectures at their convenience anywhere. Madhvi’s British Academy has various online and offline batches for every student by our expert faculties. We are not only Best in Ielts but also take care of every student offline and make sure that they get all the materials and teaching lessons from our well-experienced faculties who will give tasks, activities, and mock tests every week to get candidate’s hands-on proficient English. Contact the professionals for Ielts Preparation and be part of our Ielts coaching to top in the International English Language Testing System.


Preparing IELTS is one of the challenging tasks because a student should know which study material will be needed and how they should go through line wise. While attending the IELTS Coaching will give you an idea of the IELTS exam format and it becomes easy for you to pass the exam with different preparations. IELTS Classes are a benefit for every student to get desired scores.

To get permission to travel overseas for higher education, it is important for a candidate to get high scores in IELTS exams. If you are confused on how to get good scores, then IELTS Classes can help you in getting good scores by educating you on all the criteria of the exam.

Some students find it difficult to pass some modules of the exam. But if you are well prepared for all the modules then you can confidently pass the test in one go without any difficulty. IELTS Training Institute is the one stop class for all the candidates to enrol for and give the test with full confidence which will make it easy for them to answer all modules.

The passing marks are different for every country’s university but the band range of the test is 1-9 within which the candidate has to score. The marks are based on the candidate’s chosen university and country. Whichever university you prefer, get top in the IELTS test with the guidance of classes for IELTS where experts will mentor you with a whole preparation schedule.