TOEFL Coaching Classes

The TOEFL exam is for candidates who want to travel overseas for studies or job purposes. The sole purpose of this test is to assess the competency of English in individuals to see their level of understanding and communication skills as this is the main language Abroad where they have to study or speak or listen in English only. Students who are willing to attend a university or graduate school in an English speaking country must appear for the test. The exam is accepted in more than 9000 universities and colleges and over 130 countries accept this exam results. With the help and guidance of coaching experts at the TOEFL Classes in Ahmedabad boost your confidence in preparation for the test and while giving the exam. Make the best use of TOEFL Coaching Classes and achieve your graduation or study goals in your preferred college or institution overseas. .

Why TOEFL format so vital?

The examination also consists of 4 modules based on which individuals will be evaluated.

  • The reading test module includes 3-5 sections each with 12-14 questions and lasts for 60-80 minutes.
  • The listening module consists of 6-9 passages with 5-6 questions and lasts for 60-90 minutes.
  • The speaking test lasts for 20 minutes with 6 tasks.
  • The writing test lasts for 50 minutes with 2 tasks.
All the modules or sections are important for a candidate to complete in time and the individual cannot skip any one of them. If you are the one who wants to get high bands in the examination, get yourself enrolled in the Best TOEFL Coaching Centre.

TOEFL Modules


Benefits of TOEFL Classes

To improve your English skills, and communication skills and gain knowledge about the language, the TOEFL exam is beneficial for you. The 4 segments of the exam will give you a clear picture of your performance. Good English-speaking skills will be needed at an English-speaking university or overseas. You will be able to gain skills by attending the TOEFL Coaching in Ahmedabad. Another benefit of giving this test is that the exam is accepted by various universities which will open doors of options to you. Also, it is accepted by various companies and institutions which will help you choose among the best if you have scored high in the examination. Moreover, TOEFL is available at various exam centres which is an advantage for any individual to go to a nearby centre and complete the test in one day. You can begin your exam preparation at the well-known TOEFL Coaching Institute where you can achieve the level of ability and competency you need to get admission. Taking the TOEFL Classes will help in getting advanced in professional prospects and expand your possibilities in the English-speaking country.

Why register for TOEFL Coaching?

The principles of Madhavi’s British Academy are to make dreams into reality for the students who want to travel to the UK, USA, Europe, and many other countries to achieve their academic goals. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping students fulfil their dreams of educating and living out of India. Authentic counselling and guidance are our main purpose to show the path to our students toward their future goals. So, if you are the one seeking helpful guidance and understanding of the English language to pass the exam with high scores, registering in the coaching classes of TOEFL in Ahmedabad is the wise decision to go for.


TOEFL and IELTS both the exams are known for analysing the knowledge and competency of candidates in English language which is the primary language if you want to study overseas. It depends on the college which exam they are accepting, according to that the candidate has to appear for the test.

If you are well-prepared with all the modules of the exam and confident enough with your English vocabulary skills, then it is easy to give all the answers within the given time. It is similar to other exams, only the format differs in some. If you are not that well-versed with the English skills, then no need to worry.

TOEFL and IELTS both are the basic yet important exams to give for further studies Abroad. Both the tests are similar but the difficulty level differs person to person. Whichever test you are going to appear for, get the top of it by attending the classes for TOEFL where well-experienced tutors will teach every module in detail with day-to-day sessions, activities, and practice tests.

Yes, TOEFL is the most important exam referred to in most of the Canadian Universities as a proof of English proficiency of the student and for the student visa. So, it becomes necessary for the candidate to prepare really well to avoid any mistake or failure in the exam.

By giving the TOEFL exam of TOEFL, it shows how proficient you are in English and helps you in getting admission to a top university Abroad. It also helps in practicing your English skills and broadening your understanding of it. To gain the benefits of TOEFL and to be an expert in English.