PTE Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad

Tests like the Pearson Test of English (PTE) check the English competence of a person not belonging to a native English-speaking country. As English is the primary language of communication, the skills tested are Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. There are different PTE patterns or types for study, work, and migration. The score ranges from 10 to 90, where 10 is the lowest and 90 is the highest. One must aim for the highest score, and for that PTE Coaching Classes can help. Madhavi’s British Academy has regular batches for PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad, where one can get complete information about PTE preparation strategies, scores, evaluations, etc.

PTE Tests Types

  • PTE Academic

    PTE Academic is given at an official PTE Test Center. The format covers three sections- Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening. It is a two-hour test (maximum 2.5 hours) where the candidate has to attempt all three sections one after the other. Time management is the key to success, and counseling with experts at Madhavi's PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad will benefit students during their PTE Preparation.

PTE Speaking and Writing
(54-67 minutes)
Questions Type Description
Personal Introduction It is the first part to brief about yourself in 30 seconds (extra 25 seconds to prepare). Personal Introduction is not scored.
Read Aloud Within 30 to 40 seconds, you must record your voice by reading the text (approx. 60 words) displayed on the screen.
Repeat Sentence In this, you have to listen to a sentence and repeat the same line clearly in 30 seconds.
Describe Image An image displays on the screen. You get 25 seconds to analyze the image and prepare your description. In 40 seconds, record your response.
Retell Lecture Audio plays with a related image on the screen. In 40 seconds (after 10 seconds of preparation time), you have to present what you heard in your words.
Answer Short Question After listening to an audio, you will get 10 seconds to answer the question. It should be in a single or a few words only.
Summarize Written Text You have 10 minutes to summarize the text (the passage is up to 300 words) in a single sentence. The word limit to answer is 5 to 75 words.
Essay You have 20 minutes to write an essay with a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 300 words. You have to respond in an argumentative manner to the prompt given.
PTE Reading
(29-30 minutes)
Questions Type Description
Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks There are missing words in a passage of about 300 words. You must choose the most appropriate one from the drop-down list.
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer There is more than one response to the question asked based on a passage (up to 300 words).
Re-order Paragraphs You have to create a meaningful paragraph by arranging the haphazard paragraphs sequentially.
Fill in the Blanks There are a few blanks in a passage and more words to choose from. Drag the words to the space you find the most suitable.
Multiple Choice, Single Answer You have the option to select only one answer from the multiple choice given.
PTE Listening
(30-43 minutes)
Questions Type Description
Summarize Spoken Text Within 10 minutes, write a summary within 50-70 words on what you hear in the audio recording.
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers You have to choose more than one answer to the question after listening to the recording.
Fill in the Blanks On the basis of the recording played, complete the passage by filling in the blanks given in the transcript.
Highlight the Correct Summary From the different options given, choose the correct one that summarizes the recording information.
Multiple Choice, Single Answer Similar to multiple choice and multiple answers, here you have to choose only the answer appropriate to the question.
Select the Missing Word In a recording, the last section will be missing. You have options to choose the correct one to complete the recorded sentence/text.
Highlight Incorrect Words While you hear a recording, the screen will display its transcript. Choose the incorrect word from the transcript that differs from the recording.
Write from Dictation You have to type in the answer section what you hear in the recording.
  • PTE Academic Online

    It is the medium to show English skills through the online platform if official PTE Centers remain inaccessible for a candidate. Here, the PTE test format remains the same as PTE Academic.

    The main requirements of PTE Academic Online are that the candidate should have a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection. The candidate must have a wired headset (with a microphone). The place (home, office, etc.) should be quiet to have no disturbance while speaking and listening tests. Before appearing, the candidate must run a system check to avoid any errors while giving the test. Any failure to do so can lead to errors during the exam, which one cannot afford. For any help regarding which format should one opt for, talk to mentors at PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad.

    Though, not all academic institutions or countries accept PTE Online. Also, PTE Academic Online is not accepted for Visa Applications. In case of doubts, reach out to PTE Coaching Institute for proper guidance.

2. PTE Academic UKVI

PTE Academic UKVI is for people who aim to study or work in the UK. In the case of study visas, candidates can give PTE Academic UKVI to pursue below-degree level courses. If for a degree or above-degree level courses, the institution must not be a Higher Education Institution.

If you need work visas, attempt this for a Skilled Worker, Start-up, Innovator, or Minister of Religion Visa. The format is the same as PTE Academic. For coaching, attend PTE Classes in Ahmedabad at Madhavi's British Academy.

  • PTE Home A1

    A person appears for PTE Home A1 (at the test center) for a Spouse, Overseas Business Representative, Tier 2 Sportsperson, or Parent of a Dependent Visa.

    The format has 32 questions in three types- Repeat Sentences (22), Describe Images (5), and Conversation: Listen and Answer (5). The total duration is 22 minutes.

  • PTE Home A2

    PTE Home A2 is for people residing in the UK who want to extend their A1 visas. This test, taken at the test center, has 30-33 questions with a total time duration of 25 minutes. The question types are Repeat Sentence (22-23), Describe Image (4-5), and Retell Story (4-5).

  • PTE Home B1

    The purpose of the PTE Home B1 test is to avail of Permanent Settlement and Citizenship in the UK. There are a total of 32 questions with a total time of 22 minutes. Repeat Sentence (17), Describe Image (4-5), Retell Story (4-5), and Story: Listen and Answer (4-5) are the questions.

3. PTE Core (upcoming)

It will be for candidates who want to work, permanently settle or migrate to Canada. It tests English Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills in general situations. To understand the upcoming test type in a better way, contact PTE Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad- Madhavi’s British Academy. Preparation at these PTE Classes in Ahmedabad will give you an edge over others as you will be prepared for not only the present test formats but also the upcoming PTE Core.

Where will PTE Academic lead you to?

  • 1. Australia- Study, Work, and Migration
  • 2. Canada- Study (PTE Core- Work and Migration)
  • 3. USA- Study and Work
  • 4. New Zealand- Study, Work, and Live
  • 5. UK- Study, Work, and Settle

Other countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, etc., also accept PTE Academic Scores. Over 70 countries worldwide recognize PTE and consider it valid for academic courses. Plan for studies, job, or settling, PTE will lead you ahead in your overseas journey. Take PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad for PTE Academic preparation. Our offline PTE Classes will be the best platform for PTE success.

Why should you join PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad?

As the Pearson Test of English (PTE) checks English communicative skills, a candidate must achieve basic to advanced level proficiency. Moreover, the PTE test checking is AI-based, so the English needs to be according to that standard. A PTE Coaching Institute will help the candidate learn English to match that. The guidance at PTE Classes in Ahmedabad will ensure improvement in all the parameters- reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Madhavi's British Academy's PTE Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad will provide candidates with expert assistance for the PTE test. The complete PTE course is structural and sequential. There are regular evaluation sessions after tests, where the faculty shares PTE strategies to increase the improvement scale. The teaching at our PTE Coaching Institution is not just learning specific but helps with time management also. If a candidate joins our PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad, they get access to study material that aligns with original PTE reference material. The PTE Institute keeps updated with the latest developments related to the PTE tests, formats, test centers, upcoming test patterns, scores, and all the crucial details.

Madhavi's British Academy has more than 23 years of experience in PTE Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. At every branch of PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad, the teachers are highly-educated and have several years of teaching experience. The PTE Academy has all the inclusive facilities for ease in PTE Preparation. Contact our PTE Coaching Center to get specific details of PTE Classes.

Key Features of Madhavi's British Academy's PTE Coaching Classes

  • 1. Round-the-clock PTE guidance
  • 2. Complete assistance for doubt clearing
  • 3. Regular tests of each section
  • 4. Expert and certified PTE trainers
  • 5. Exclusively planned PTE course
  • 6. Exam-oriented study material
  • 7. Online and offline batches
  • 8. Weekly orientation sessions
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