What are the IELTS Requirements for a UK Work Permit?

What are the IELTS Requirements for a UK Work Permit?

Anyone traveling abroad for study, work, or migration purposes has to give proof of their English Language proficiency through different test scores. We guess you are looking for the IELTS requirements for a UK work permit. Let's delve into what IELTS is, why IELTS is for a UK Work Visa, whether IELTS is mandatory for a UK Visa Permit and many other questions.



IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is one of the tests that you take when you want to go abroad for studying, working, or permanent settlement. When it comes to the UK, IELTS is accepted for working purposes.

IELTS UKVI is a distinct type which is for Visas and Immigration to the UK. IELTS UKVI Academic and IELTS UKVI General Training are the two types. You have to choose one depending on why you want to go to the UK. IELTS Academic for UKVI is if you want to enroll in a UK university for further education. IELTS General Training for UKVI is if you want to work or migrate to the UK. Let’s get started to solve more of your queries.

Which IELTS to give for a UK Work Permit?

If you plan to go to the UK and your main purpose is work, especially if it's a skilled job or regular employment, then you should probably take the IELTS General Training for UKVI test. This test is usually what you need for work-related visa applications. Since there are several types of UK Work Visas, the IELTS score requirement differs according to the CEFR level. There are cases when IELTS Academic for UKVI is also accepted.

Why is IELTS important for UK Work Visas?

The UK has English as its official language. Non-native English speakers have to show their English level. If you go to the UK, study, or work, you will communicate in English. That is why, to promote effective communication in your workplace, you must know basic English and be proficient in the language. IELTS tests your comprehension, conveying ability, and overall English.

Which skills are tested in IELTS UKVI?

IELTS UKVI, suitable for UK's work applications, tests your English Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills. The test is of 2hrs 45min. You score between 0-9 in each section. Depending on each section's score, an overall IELTS Band score (0-9) is given. This IELTS band score determines your English level and if you are eligible to get your UK Work Permit.

Types of UK Work Visa and IELTS Requirements

Many types of UK Work Visas are there for you to choose. Each UK Work Visa has a different purpose, eligibility, and validity. We have mentioned some types of UK Work Visas and their IELTS requirements depending on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels.

  1. General (Tier 1 Visa) -
  2. It is for highly skilled people in their respective fields. (Currently closed)

    CEFR Level- C1

    IELTS - equivalent to 7.0 (each section and overall)

  3. Exceptional Talent (Tier 1 Visa) -
  4. This is intended for those individuals recognized for excellence in the sciences or arts.

    CEFR Level - B1

    IELTS - equivalent to 4.0 (each section and overall)

  5. Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1 Visa) -
  6. This UK Work Visa allows individuals to start, run, or take over businesses in the UK.

    CEFR Level - B1

    IELTS - equivalent to 4.0 (each section and overall)

  7. Graduate Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1 Visa) -
  8. It is for graduates who have been recognized for their entrepreneurial skills.

    CEFR Level - B1

    IELTS - equivalent to 4.0 (each section and overall)

  9. Skilled Worker Visa (Tier 2 General Worker Visa) -
  10. This visa is for skilled professionals with job offers in the UK.

    CEFR Level - B1

    IELTS - equivalent to 4.0 (each section and overall)

  11. Sportsperson Visa (Tier 2 Visa) -
  12. This is for sportspersons who want to continue their sports career in the UK.

    CEFR Level - A1

    IELTS - equivalent to 4.0 (each section and overall)

    IELTS Life Skills - A1 Pass

  13. Minister of Religion (Tier 2 Visa) -
  14. This is valid if you have received a job offer within a religious community, such as a minister, missionary, or member of a religious order, in the UK.

    CEFR Level - B2

    IELTS - equivalent to 5.5 (each section and overall)

  15. Health and Care Worker Visa -
  16. The visa permits healthcare professionals to come to or remain in the UK for an approved role with the NHS, an NHS partner, or in adult social care.

    CEFR Level - A1

    IELTS - equivalent to 4.0 (each section and overall)

For other Temporary Work Visa (Tier 5), Intra-Company Transfer Visa, Innovator, and Startup Visas, the IELTS requirements are not mandatory. But, in some cases, you can work in the UK without taking the IELTS test. Read further to know how!

Can You Work in the UK without IELTS?

Yes, it is possible to work in the UK without taking IELTS. But, that is restricted to job types. Certain jobs, like administrative positions, may not require IELTS scores, given that you have all the other skills and fulfill the requirements to get into a job. If you fulfil the pre-requisites of the work profile and UK work visa type, then IELTS will be optional.

Which Jobs Can You Do in the UK without IELTS?

As specified by official immigration services in the UK, you can take jobs as a cashier, factory worker, cleaner, administration, etc. Even a nurse job is possible without IELTS if you have NMS registration or have a permit that falls under immigration schemes.

Alternatives to IELTS for Work in the UK

PTE Academic UKVI and PTE Home are also options if you want to work in the UK. There are specific requirements for scores if you need a UK work permit. It is necessary to check with the employer and the visa type beforehand. Other than these, there are LanguageCert and PSI Services (UK) Ltd – Skills for English (UKVI) approved test providers for work permits in the UK. If you pass the SELT and CEFR levels, then you are eligible to work in the UK. IELTS is the most accepted English Proficiency Test when it comes to getting a UK Work Visa permit. Now that you know the IELTS requirements to get your UK work visa, you must start your preparation. To prepare for IELTS and achieve the desired score, take IELTS Coaching in Ahmedabad at Madhavi's British Academy. For all the information, we have the experts to help you with.

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